Seven Reasons European River Cruises Are Simply Awesome

Seven Reasons European River Cruises Are Simply Awesome

Many people enjoy cruises of all types. Everyday thousands of tourists book day trips, three-day jaunts and even month long journeys on boats. Typically, the cruise market was targeted toward the very wealthy and the older age set, but in recent years, all kinds of cruises are marketed towards every age bracket, gender, family, single and even discount goers. Nowadays, there is no reason not to take cruise, as the benefits are enormous.

But, in this article, we want to enlighten you with the top seven reasons European river cruises are simply awesome!

#1 Easier To Explore Inland
If you want to visit many European cities, towns and villages, the best way to do that is by ship. Not only do you get to see more places in a short time, but you don’t have to worry about crossing borders or renting a vehicle. The ease of travel on a cruise is well worth the research to see which European river cruise best suits your dreams.

#2 More Intimate and Cozy
Generally speaking, the river cruise ships carry less passengers than the huge ship lines. This actually provides passengers with a more intimate experience, since there is plenty of help onboard, plus you can get to know others if you choose. If you don’t want all the amenities of a huge cruise, then a river cruise is perfect. Remember that not everyone wants to use a massive exercise room equipped with state of the art machines while vacationing. So why pay for it?

#3 Food Is Amazing
While you don’t need all the features of the large cruise ships, one thing, among many, that will delight your senses is the food on a European river cruise. No expense is spared and many local delicacies are used in the preparation. Fresh local herbs, tasty vegetables and succulent fruit are all sourced from the areas in which the ship travels.

#4 Convenience of Cruise
When you travel on your own from destination to destination, you have the added task of keeping your baggage sorted out. Continually packing and unpacking leads to lost items, as well as a tiring and irritating vacation. By reserving a cruise, your belongings stay in your room while you venture out at each port of call. More time is spent enjoying yourself rather than doing mundane tasks.

#5 Beautiful Landscape To See
Because the river cruise ships are built much differently than ocean liners, there are plenty of windows and ways to view the fantastic landscape and surrounding landmarks. Sometimes smaller really is better, since you can move from each side to see everything the environment has to offer. Also, the river ships are flatter and tend not to be so high up in the sky like ocean cruise ships.

#6 Different Ports of Call
Typically on a cruise, the large ocean liners dock at the same ports regardless of how many times you travel with them. On a European river cruise, however, there is much more variety. You may travel the same river several times, but depending on the itinerary, you might stop at various cities. This means that you can visit different places than you did on your last cruise while still sailing in the same area.

#7 Interaction with Local Culture
The intimate style of the cruise and being able to visit so many destinations, travelers are able to interact directly with the locals and learn about the culture and their way of life. It is not enough to visit a certain place, but it is very rewarding to be able to experience the local customs and food, as well as meet the people.

This video gives you an excellent view of what the ships look like and how they are different from those that travel to the Caribbean, for example.

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