Seven Ideas for Luxurious Vacations

Seven Ideas for Luxurious Vacations

Hearing the word vacation has such a nice ring. Relaxing, sightseeing, eating new foods, and generally having a wonderful time are all thoughts that quickly come to mind. Vacations are adventures that we eagerly await and that end all too soon for most of us. And remember that a holiday can be a weekend jaunt to a nearby cabin or a month long trip abroad to visit far away lands. It doesn’t matter as long as it is a break from the regular hum-drum daily chores and routine.

But if you are looking for something grand, we’re shining the spotlight on seven ideas for luxurious vacations.

Vacation #1 Being Pampered
Luxurious doesn’t always mean expensive. Often, it can refer to things that make us feel really nice and allow us to be pampered. A spa vacation is an excellent example where we can luxuriate in a lovely bath, have a massage or two, and receive A+ services that normally we would have to do for ourselves.

Vacation #2 Sulphur, Geo and Hot Springs
Countries with volcanoes, such as the islands in the Caribbean, are home to many sulphur springs that have healing properties. Soothe your tired and achy bones, plus relax in the most majestic landscapes in the world. Mud baths might add to the adventure. Geothermal springs, like those found in Iceland, offer an incredible combination of ice, fire and water.

Vacation #3 Private Islands
This option does sound luxurious, indeed, having a beach all to yourself and a few other guests. Take for example, the Polynesian Islands or the Galapagos where you vacation in a secluded private villa with top notch amenities. Add to that gourmet food, diverse activities, and nature tours, you will certainly enjoy this type of getaway.

Vacation #4 Historic Properties
It has become commonplace to reuse old buildings and reinvent them. What makes visiting a hotel in one of these locations so interesting is learning about the history of the original building. Some of the more spectacular examples of transformed properties are a present day wellness hotel in Quebec City, which was the first hospital in North America from the 1600s; a palace in Croatia that was built for Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 300s and now is a beautiful hotel; and in Cusco, Peru which boasts a palace from the times of the Inca Empire.

Vacation #5 Ski Chalet
For those that love the romance of playing outside all day in the snow and winter air, then thawing beside a nice hot fireplace, a ski chalet vacation in the Alps, Utah or Colorado will be simply outstanding! Whether you already know how to ski or you want to learn, this can be a lot of fun and provide some exercise for the whole family.

Vacation #6 African Safaris
How wonderful it would be to see a large animal outside of the zoo or television screen. Traipsing across the plains and into the jungles would be the trip of a lifetime for most people. And since so many species need protecting, this is the perfect time to embark on a safari. One of the neat things about safaris, in addition to the animals, is the fact that very posh camps are set up for guests. There are elaborate tents with outside baths and trained chefs to provide excellent meals.

Vacation #7 Most Expensive
Now, for those of you have that have unlimited funds, or who have saved up a lifetime to take a very expensive trip, then aim for $1000 or more per night. Destinations like Paris, where Michelin star restaurants and fancy spas are the norm; Vienna Austria where you can party with the stars; mountain top in Costa Rica surrounded by colorful macaws and goes for around $65,000 for a week’s visit; as well as a Scottish Highlands palace overlooking the North Sea. You better have some serious funds for this vacation, as it will cost in the neighborhood of $80,000 for the week!

A tour of a volcanic sulphur springs in St Lucia.

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