Luxury Vacations – Exclusive Trips to Luxurious Locations

Luxury Vacations – Exclusive Trips to Luxurious Locations

Some of the hallmarks of luxury are opulence, grandeur, splendor and elegance. In short, the term refers to most things that are not necessities to one’s life and daily living. As you can see, luxury can mean a lot of things. And when you travel, your definition of luxury will be different from the next guest. But what you all have in common is that the experience will be pleasantly memorable and for some, possibly a once in a lifetime dream come true.

To continue … what does a luxury vacation mean to you? Is it somewhere that has all the amenities with first class formal service? Or is it the location that offers the best tours and has the most to see? For those of you who relish indulging in spa services, that is what this article will be about. We know that most people, female and male alike, love to be pampered and what better way to say luxurious than basking in soothing and tranquil spa treatments? In fact, the word spa may seem too simple in this case. Certainly, the ultimate in luxury treatments is found in sanctuaries that seem to be heaven sent.

I am sure you can see where we are going with this article. We’d like to spotlight luxury vacations with emphasis on five exclusive trips to luxurious locations that cater to awesome spa facilities.

#1 Song Saa Private Island – Cambodia
Situated in the Koh Rong Archipelago, this location is a shrine to wellness, both for tourists and the environment. The attention to cleaning up the region, employing local people and offering the best in class for services, you will never want to leave this sanctuary which really can be considered Heaven On Earth. We also love the idea that the villas were constructed from reclaimed wood and other previously used, but discarded materials. Serene, exciting and restorative are all words that come to mind.

#2 Amanemu – Ise-Shima, Japan
If you enjoy the ancient traditional bathing called Onsen, then this location will be perfect with its peaceful natural setting and hot springs. Focused on wellness for the mind and body, the resort also offers a Watsu pool for therapy of the muscles, a yoga studio, as well as other forms of body treatments. Perfectly appointed villas and chefs that serve locally procured foods, relaxation is the ultimate goal here, bringing all into balance and harmony.

#3 Qualia – Hamilton Island, Queensland
When I first heard about this destination, I assumed the name was a play on the word quality. In fact, qualia is its own word which has to do with how we react to things we feel, touch, smell and sense. And there couldn’t be a better name for this resort, since everything offered is about sensory perception for the guests. Guests can choose from a variety of specialized services, but those using the Aboriginal techniques will put things right with your energy flow.

#4 Sonora Island – British Columbia, Canada
An island in the wilderness, not only are the spa services truly luxurious, but the setting is engulfed with the perfect scenery for outdoor adventures. The region is pristine with blue waters for kayaking, forests with grizzly bears, river fly fishing for trout or salmon and an ocean for whale watching. And like the crystal clear waters, the personal spa services strive to soothe your body and make it clear and whole again.

#5 Mutiara Taman Negara – Jerantut, Malaysia
Located in one of the oldest rain forests in the world, you can choose to stay in one of the chalets or bungalows or even pitch a tent, as there is a camping area. There is plenty of amazing things to see in this National Park including caves, the longest suspension bridge in the world, monkeys, boars, elephants, birds, a natural jacuzzi, rapids and waterfalls. You can’t help but disconnect from your everyday world in an incredible environment like this!

There are amazing things to see and do in Malaysia. Why not have a peek? And finally if you need a leather charger roll up we have written a blog post just for you, so feel free to check it out.

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