Honeymoon Vacations – Romantic Trips for Two

Honeymoon Vacations – Romantic Trips for Two

Unless you opt for a destination wedding where all your guests will be present at the same time, most couples prefer to spend their honeymoon time alone. And there are plenty of locations around the world where you can enjoy one another, while still seeing the sights and experiencing the local culture. Plus, maybe you are celebrating a milestone in your marriage and want a second honeymoon away from the kids, work and everyday hustle and bustle, then, seclusion and privacy will definitely be the key elements to your vacation.

Indeed, romance is one of those concepts that changes for individuals and couples. Some prefer watching the sun rise and set while others relish the thought of pampered service at a luxury resort. Any setting can be wonderfully and magically romantic. Therefore, you have to choose a vacation that suits both your personalities and dreams.

In this piece, we have chosen ten types of honeymoon vacations which we think are romantic trips for two.

#1 Watching the Stars
Getting out of the city and its big lights has enormous advantages when trying to see the constellations. This can be done at a wilderness lodge, quiet campground, or even a luxury resort featuring the highly anticipated Aurora Borealis lights.

#2 Jacuzzi or Bath Outside
In warmer climates, it is customary for hotels to have outdoor settings which add to the ambiance of romantic getaways. For example, what if you were on a safari and were relaxing in the outdoor bathtub when a group of elephants passes by? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate adventure?

#3 Couple’s Massages
Most people love the feeling of having their sore muscles worked out with trained hands. The ultimate in romance would be booking a double spa session so that both of you can relax and unwind at the same time.

#4 Villas In the Water
Several exotic locations around the world actually have villas or huts built on water. Imagine waking up to the lapping of the ocean or sea underneath and all around. And if the living room has glass floor panels, you can watch the sea creatures without having to leave the comfort of your vacation house.

#5 Luxury Treehouses
Similar to water houses, treehouses are becoming more popular in many countries. This would be the perfect option if you are looking for complete privacy and seclusion. And if you are in a tropical country, you might even see the animals jumping from branch to branch.

#6 Hot Springs
Another way to soothe your aching and tired body, hot springs are very invigorating. Sitting side by side, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company can’t get any more romantic! And if you are really inclined, the staff might pack you a nice bottle of champagne or sparkling water.

#7 Luxury Tenting
Believe it or not, it is quite common to find outdoor settings that are at the same time posh and romantic. Being able to live outdoors with floor heating and proper shower facilities all the while “camping” is an amazing way to see the landscape. Some locations even have wooden hot tubs on decks just outside the tents.

#8 Dinner On A Private Beach
I know, we said this site is not about beaches, but we couldn’t resist. Imagine being the only two people on the beautiful sand in the evening with nothing but the stars, tiki torches or candles lighting your pathway. Then, the staff bring you the most incredible local food to savor.

#9 Traditions of the Country
A quaint night is to follow the customs of the country including wearing the official costumes, dancing to the traditional music and even eating a local meal. Immerse yourself in the culture for one evening!

#10 Breakfast In Bed
Sometimes, it is nice to enjoy breakfast without having to travel down to the outdoor buffet or restaurant.

Wow! The Maldives look incredibly romantic to me. What a tranquil and peaceful place to enjoy one another.

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