Five Ideas for Spellbinding Mexican Vacations

Five Ideas for Spellbinding Mexican Vacations

Mexico is a great place to visit because you can choose between sandy beached resorts or historic ruins, and of course, many travelers choose to do both. Old churches, quaint villages, party spots, golf courses, unique culture and great food all contribute to an amazing vacation. You’ll also be able to choose between the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, which again makes this country a diverse destination to visit.

Following are our five ideas for spellbinding Mexican vacations.

#1 Mayan Ruins
The Mayan civilization is said to have existed between the years of 250AD until 900AD. Historically, the ruins are very important and you can’t visit Mexico without seeing one of the many sites complete with pyramids and other archaeological finds. The City of Gods, which is known as Chichen Itza, is considered the greatest find ever in relation to the Mayan people.

Other sites are Zona Arqueológica Palenque, a UNESCO heritage site since 1987; Coba, whose people were driven out by Spanish conquerors; and San Gervasio in the Yucatán Peninsula. These are not the only places to see, but if you like mystery and intrigue, you must visit the ruins.

#2 Tropical Forest
Sadly, much of the rainforest in Mexico has been destroyed. It’s estimated that the Lacandón Forest will be gone in as little as ten years. This fact alone makes it all that more important to visit the remaining tropical forest, Selva Lacandona, in Chiapas. Not only are the jungles endangered, but they are home to many species that are close to extinction in this area.

Some of those animals are ocelots, monkeys, tapirs, anteaters, eagles, pumas and jaguars. With close historical ties to the Mayan people, the trails of these jungles offer the most spectacular landscape of ancient trees, waterfalls and caves.

#3 Eco Parks and Tours
Mexico has taken measures to protect certain areas and does want to conserve what is left of their natural wonders. For this reason, there are several beautiful eco parks around the country, which will delight anyone that wishes to see Macaw, dolphins, monkeys, flamingo, turtles, and even giraffe.

Some of the parks also offer sports such as horse back riding down a sandy beach, kayaking in serene waters, zipline swings, and of course, lots of hammocks to rest and enjoy the surroundings.

To just name a few of the many wonderful parks, the list would include Xel-Há, boasting the largest natural aquarium in the world; Tortugranja, where they protect the turtle eggs; Aluxes, a wildlife rescue center; and Balam- Ka´ax, which is situated on the Candelaria River and means Forest of the Tiger.

#4 Hidden Beach Treasures
Now this section is not about the well-known beaches that tourists flock to when visiting Mexico. If you prefer the quaint, quiet and idyllic atmosphere, then one beach to visit is Troncones, Guerrero. It offers hiking, surfing, and peaceful horseback riding.

One area that is most intriguing is the Playa del Amor, close to Puerto Vallarta. It is an amazing cave with a large hole in the roof which offers excellent swimming and sunbathing. The last one to mention here is Costa Alegre, Jalisco. While privately owned by a luxury resort, you’ll find a lovely beach, massive cliffs, and a wildlife preservation center.

#5 All Inclusive Holidays
It is always nice to know that you don’t have to put out much money when you go on vacation. The all-inclusive holiday is perfect for those on a budget and for anyone who wants to get the most out of their dollar. Plus, it is the perfect way to travel for families. And, of course, Mexico has some excellent resorts filled with fun and adventure.

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa is situated on the Pacific Ocean and offers the Sierra Madre Mountains as a backdrop. With bird watching, rainforest hiking, snorkeling, swimming, eating, and sleeping, your family is sure to have a wonderful vacation, both in nature and on a sandy filled beach!

Transport yourself back to the time of the Mayan Civilization and see how they traveled and lived.

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