Fishing Vacations in Europe

Fishing Vacations in Europe

Indeed, there are all kinds of fishing, so making a vacation out of the sport can be quite diverse. If you just like to fish, then you can combine the holiday with camping and sightseeing or you might add hiking or golf to your agenda. For others, a full hunting trip in a lodge might be the perfect getaway. And when we say hunting, we mean for food such as deer, not for sport. Some trips might also include visiting museums, learning about the history of a destination or simply lying around and relaxing. Regardless of what you like to do in conjunction with your fishing experience, there are plenty of options available all over the world.

What we find really interesting about fishing locations in Europe is that many of them have been enjoyed for thousands of years. The Mediterranean Sea is a hub of activity, as is the Orkney Islands in Scotland, the Alta River in Norway, the Rio Ebro River in Spain, Helnaes Island, Denmark, Anglesey in the Irish Sea, and of course, the Atlantic Ocean. As many spots or great fishing holes that you find, you will also have the chance to catch sea trout, tuna, marlin, carp, salmon, catfish, cod, halibut and bass.

In this article, we are going to look at five reasons why you would book fishing vacations in Europe.

#1 No Pollution
While there are many lakes and rivers that are so highly polluted and contaminated with toxins, many prime fishing spots in Europe are still brimming with fish that can be safely eaten. Take Hungary, for example, there are several places where record size carp have been caught, but previously, these waters were undiscovered. In other words, they were not visited by the public-at-large and remain pristine.

#2 All Inclusive Vacations
It is much easier to save money when all of your amenities, activities, safety gear and fishing equipment are included in the price. The other way you save money is on checked baggage at the airport. Instead of carrying your rod and reel, rubber waders and other equipment, just use what the lodge offers, so that you don’t pay the extra charges to travel with them. Plus, the tour operators are going to be a lot more knowledgeable about the area saving you time and guiding you on a better adventure.

#3 Sustainable Tourism
In many places around the world, the waters have been over-fished meaning the current fish population is sparse and the size of the individual fish is small. In countries like Sweden, there are programs in place to encourage and maintain fishing for generations to come. The North Sea and North-East Atlantic have also benefited from specific eco-management programs. Here is a detailed description of sustainable and responsible tourism.

#4 Family Trips Available
Where fishing used to be the domain of male members of the family, because they had to bring in the food for everyone, today, families can make a real adventure out of fishing for mackerel in Plymouth close to the English Channel in the UK. As an added treat, you can cook your own dinner or have it done for you, so the family is rewarded with their day’s work … or fun, really, because this is a vacation. (Check out this post if you need a queen sized camping cot to make the trip more comfortable)

#5 Cold Enough for Ice Fishing
If you want to try out ice fishing or have been doing it for many years, there will be experienced companies that offer fishing vacations. With global warming, it seems that many rivers and lakes are not so safe for ice fishing anymore. But because Norway, for example, has solid ice and good cold weather, it has become the world’s destination for ice fishing. And just before the lakes freeze over, there is a period for grayling fishing. So basically, you can fly fish in the summer and then as the weather changes, move to another type of fishing.

This video is kind of long, but we thought we would add it to this post because it does show how big the carp can be in Hungary. Plus, there is some scenery for you to get an idea of what the lakes look like.

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