Exotic Vacations – Step Off the Beaten Track

Exotic Vacations – Step Off the Beaten Track

Do you dream of tents in the wilderness with wild animals lurking about? Are you wondering what it would be like to traverse the Ancient Tea Route like explorers and merchants did hundreds of years ago?

Regardless of where your dreams may take you, these same places are excellent choices for taking your vacation. Often, because they are not mainstream holidays, they can be a lot cheaper. There is also some downside in that transportation will not be readily available like tourist hot spots around the world. But to be honest, what would be the point of visiting somewhere remote or untraveled if there wasn’t a little work involved in getting there? That is part of the allure of the destination.

Let’s make your dreams come true by highlighting six exotic vacations that step off the beaten track!

#1 Bulgaria
If historic ruins and castles are interesting to you, then Bulgaria offers plenty to see and do. Commonly known as one of the least expensive countries in Europe to live, it will be a great exotic vacation especially if you want to do it cheaply. Archaeological digs have proven that the city of Veliko Tarnovo was first populated over five thousand years ago. You can also visit the medieval fortress called Tsarevets, do some hiking in the hills, and of course check out the many museums. The eco-paths are splendid for walking amongst nature while the Yantra River provides a quaint and beautiful backdrop to the houses dotted on the river’s banks.

#2 Republic of Guatemala
This Central American country bordering Belize, Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras is a coffee-lover’s dream, a kayaker’s eden and a backpacker’s haven. Lake Atitlan, which is situated in the Sierra Madre Mountains, is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, a veritable paradise. True Mayans still wear their traditional garb and the areas are pristine. It is an innocent place that is not on the tourist track radar but the people are welcoming and there is plenty to see and do at very good prices.

#3 Republic of Maldives
A set of coral islands in the Indian Ocean, it doesn’t seem like the easiest place on earth to live. But one thing that the Maldives are … and that is stunning and awesome! As you can imagine, the underwater creatures will be plentiful, as well as colorful, the beaches are luxurious white sand, and the waters are very warm. This is one of the best spots for snorkeling or diving. Plus, the local populations are quite friendly.

#4 Kingdom of Cambodia
There is plenty of public transportation here to help you get around the country. Hopping the train or an air conditioned bus are perfect ways to see Cambodia without having to drive yourself in a foreign nation. For the really fit, renting a mountain bike will certainly be rugged, but will allow you to see the landscape up close, plus mingle with the local people. There are ancient temples to visit and lovely villages on the coastline of the Gulf of Thailand.

#5 New Zealand
On the west side of South Island, there is a place called Pancake Rocks. The community is called Punakaiki and the waters are ferocious. It is not a beach area where anyone would swim, snorkel or lay down in the sand. The rock formations are limestone and are interesting because of the erosion that has created blowholes and walkways.

Note – When going on vacation to exotic vacations we recommend that you take a light weight sleeping bag with mosquito net like the ones listed here so that you reduce the number of insect bites you might get! And maybe even take a queen sized camping to give yourself a good chance of getting a good sleep every night.

It’s amazing how much you can see and learn in Guatemala. Both historical and modern landmarks. And we love their little watermelons. They are the best. So sweet and tasty!

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