How To Keep Children Safe While Tent Camping with Toddlers

One thing that is quite different from when adults camp alone is the safety factor. Children can get into all kinds of predicaments simply because they are not aware and they have little fear.

Because our cousins were telling us about their adventures with their little babies, we thought it would be a good idea to write this quick guide on how to keep children safe while tent camping with toddlers.

A Complete Guide to Backpacking

In this guide, we use this term to mean traveling around the world, often for many months at a time. Carrying all your belongings in backpacks, roughing it a little bit, and staying in backpackers’ hostels, cheap hotels and even camper vans.

Sometimes “backpacking” is used to talk about carrying a tent on your back and going on adventures through the wilderness. While we do write a lot about wild camping on this site, it is not the focus of this article.

How To Pack A Backpack

Regardless of where you travel or how many people accompany you, one of the biggest problems we find about the trip is exactly how to pack a backpack.

It may look big enough at the store, but believe me, there is a lot to fit in there and if you don’t do it just right, the whole experience will become frustrating.

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