Best Water Purification Tablets for Backpacking

One of the biggest obstacles to outdoor sports is having an available source of potable water. You can take water along if you are camping or have a trailer, but what about kayaking and backpacking?

I thought about all of the above issues, and a few more actually, in order to choose five of the best water purification tablets for backpacking.

Portable Composting Camping Toilet

Campgrounds have public facilities for their customers. Usually, there are toilets, showers and sinks in a big building for everyone to use. And some of the larger provincial and state parks have dugout toilets scattered around for convenience, so you don’t have to rush down to the big building.

That’s great for daytime, but struggling in the pitch dark can be problematic. One way we find to overcome this battle is to bring along your own portable composting camping toilet.

Ultralight Backpacking Water Filter

Drinking fluids are bulky and heavy to carry, but also drinking water from unknown sources can be hard on the body. Even when you stay in a hotel or have fresh water from the campground pump, your system has to get used to different chemicals.

Luckily, now they’ve developed an ultralight backpacking water filter, which you can imagine is a relief for all kinds of outdoor sports fanatics.

Blow Up Tents for Camping

Over time, we have tried out a couple different tents mostly because we were looking for something quite lightweight. But in all our searching, I am going to admit right up front, that neither one of us had heard of blow up tents for camping.

At this point, we should probably thank Eliza for writing in and asking us if we could give her any pointers on buying one for her family of six. We got right to researching and decided it would be an awesome topic for a post.

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