Double Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

They took two sleeping bags and zipped them together so it made one great big bed for all of us. It seemed the ideal solution until one day a group of us went hiking overnight and one of those people was my girlfriend. What a pain it was lugging around two heavy bags and then in the dark trying to get them together as one.

After that first time, we decided right then and there that we would invest in a lightweight double sleeping bag for backpacking. The basic idea is that you can stay warmer because of the body heat from at least two people.

Ride On Luggage For Toddlers

We can only imagine what it might be like to travel with young children and an armful of luggage. Making sure the tickets and passports are in a safe place, but readily available, as well as knowing what items to check into the cargo hold, and then of course, keeping a constant and watchful eye on the little ones.

One of the ways that parents keep everyone occupied is with ride on luggage for toddlers. The cases are so adorable from what we have seen.

Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

A lot of people seem to be asking why the shift from external supports on knapsacks to internal ones. I have to admit, I started to wonder the same thing?

As my brother and I researched a little bit more we found out why the popular trend to an internal frame hiking backpack.

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