Blow Up Tents for Camping

Over time, we have tried out a couple different tents mostly because we were looking for something quite lightweight. But in all our searching, I am going to admit right up front, that neither one of us had heard of blow up tents for camping.

At this point, we should probably thank Eliza for writing in and asking us if we could give her any pointers on buying one for her family of six. We got right to researching and decided it would be an awesome topic for a post.

Extra Large Family Camping Tents

Even if you have four people in your family, what qualifies as a four person tent may not be what you need. You may find it too cramped and there probably isn’t enough space for all the belongings of that many people.

Also, there is equipment you will need like a heater, lantern, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, cots for sleeping, suitcases for the clothes, and bags for personal items. Consequently, extra large family camping tents are a must.

Kids Outdoor Camping Tents

Sometimes your tent is not big enough for the whole family or maybe you have gone with friends or other family and all the kids want to sleep together. That means another shelter is a must.

But before going out and buying just any tent, as you don’t want one of those toy ones, there are a few points to consider when getting kids outdoor camping tents.

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