Portable Camping Kitchen Organizer

Every camper’s nightmare! You look around and see a dusty, dirty picnic table, a blackened fire pit, and you wonder how you’ll manage for the next two weeks.

Don’t fret because you will have everything looking spiffy in a jiffy, particularly if you bring along your handy portable camping kitchen organizer.

Portable Camping Kitchen with Sink

What we usually do is arrange a table and use that as a command station. The camp stove is safe because the table is sturdy. We put the cooler under the table for shade, and string a tarp between the trees to use as a windscreen.

Last time we went camping, we went with a group of people that were less than tidy. They left their dirty stuff all over saying they would wash them later. A few of us neat freaks decided that maybe we would have been better off with a portable camping kitchen with sink to encourage the others to wash up right after eating.

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