Best Walking Boots for Comfort

Too often nowadays, I find that footwear is a hit and miss. With all the outdoors activities we do, we certainly need our feet to be protected from the elements.

Ideally, I would like to find and own the best walking boots for comfort. Here’s my ten points for choosing the right footwear for hiking, walking and backpacking.

Packable Hooded Down Jacket

I must admit if you are going to colder weathers where winter style clothing is a necessity, it is hard to know what to buy and take along. Coats are the worst since they are typically bulky to fold and heavy to carry.

What I do, however, is take my packable hooded down jacket. It doesn’t matter whether I am going out for the day during the autumn time when leaves are changing color, or if I am hiking in the extreme cold on the mountain ridges.

Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles

If you are looking for the health benefits as well as the enjoyment of walking or hiking, then you might want to consider investing in carbon fiber hiking poles. Our trekking group never bothered with sticks before, but on our last trail adventure, we found the hills to be challenging.

Since we wanted to extend the time we were physically able to walk, and we wanted to be a littler sturdier going up and down, we made the decision to each buy a pair. But not without research first. Here is our selection.

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