Adventure Vacations – Are You Brave Enough?

Adventure Vacations – Are You Brave Enough?

Adventure vacations are without a doubt excruciatingly thrilling! But we must admit, at the same time, they might be scary and some people are just a little apprehensive. We are not kidding when we ask if you are brave enough, but don’t be too worried because we are sure you will be okay with the adventures we highlight below. Just go back to the time when you first rode a roller coaster. You were scared and excited at the same time and when you finished, you wanted to get right back in line again and give it another go. It becomes almost addicting for some. That’s the kind of adventure vacations that we are talking about.

So here goes … our list of six adrenaline rushing, thrill seeking and death defying adventures.

#1 Canyon Jumping
While France and Switzerland are the most popular venues for this sport, many other destinations like Costa Rica in South America and Utah in the US are offering the thrill of a lifetime. Make no mistake, when you jump from that rock or cliff and free fall into a gorge, it is an intense feeling that is not felt everyday. Needless to say, you will be hooked up to flexible cords and safety lines that stop you from hitting the ground, but the experience of falling is there, nonetheless. So many people have added this to their vacations that that it has now become its own verb – canyoning.

#2 Heli Skiing
This is a sport that involves a helicopter and downhill skis or a snowboard. Basically, a helicopter takes enthusiasts to parts of the snow-covered terrain where no-one has been. Every spec of snow is fresh and like powder. Often, the best resorts have cabins, pack a lunch for the guests, offer safety instruction and equipment, plus provide guides. You can choose from a variety of destinations such as British Columbia, Alberta, Alaska, Nevada, Iceland and Greenland. The beauty of witnessing nature this way is that no-one else has gotten up close and personal with the landscape, the majestic views and the awesome mountains.

#3 Safari Adventures
Although we disagree with tours that encourage touching and riding on wild animals, we do love the adventure of a safari. To see animals in their natural habitats in various regions of Africa and South America is quite humbling. They are certainly masters of their kingdoms and we must respect that fact, which makes the adventure that much more exciting. (BTW don’t forget to take a queen sized camping cot to ensure you are comfy in your bed at night).

#4 White Water Rafting
Anywhere you find rough and fast running water is going to be a thrill to traverse which is why you find tour companies on the most dangerous of rapids. Some of the hardest and extreme treks are on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, the White River in Oregon and the Futaleufú River in Chile . White water rafting can be done in large rafts with many people or just one person in a kayak. And believe it or not, the rapids are categorized into classes such as Class III, Class IV and Class V which would not be for the faint of heart. A Class V rapid will be a very dangerous traverse, indeed.

#5 Bike Riding
This may not sound too strenuous, but you do have to train before taking any of the bike holidays in Mont Ventoux, France, Cape Argus, South Africa, or Nepal. With all the curves and ups and downs, it will take a toll on your body. Only the fittest of individuals will enjoy and complete this holiday. But, it does give you something to strive for, so make it a goal if you love bike riding.

#6 Coldest Place
The coldest place on earth where people actually live is Oymyakon, Russia. This could be the right holiday for someone who wants to try something different. They do have a hotel and tours which offer ice fishing, ice hockey games, skiing, beautiful scenery and majestic animals such as reindeer.

So if you are brave enough and want to see those endorphins pumping, one of above adventures might be right up your alley. Don’t forget if you are doing any camping to take a roll up camping mattress to keep you cosy at night!

Gosh, we have to admit there are some harrowing trails in this video. But it must have been mind blowing being able to see all that wonderful landscape with the bike tires hugging the ground.

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