About Scott & Sean

About Scott & Sean

Hi Everyone and we want to say Thank You for checking out our travel site!

We may be twin brothers, but we sure don’t look alike. It is easy to tell us apart, much like other brothers. One way, we are alike, though, is how we think about the world. We LOVE to travel and snoop around in strange nooks and crannies.

As we mentioned on the homepage, we are not fussy about we were go. We will find something interesting to do while we are there. We took advantage of the fact that our parents traveled often when were kids. We got to go everywhere with them. Although it was always to hot, tropical destinations, we still discovered everything the environment had to offer.

Both of us believe in conservation and we try not to do harm when we travel. We know we can’t save the world, but we can do our little bit to help out.

In the years since we were little, we have done many kinds of vacations. Mostly, with our parents, I have to say they were luxury packages, but as we grew older and ventured out ourselves, we started backpacking, camping, staying in hostels, living it large in fancy hotels, and hopping a boat ride to wherever!

Some of our journeys have taken us for months at a time when we finished our high schooling, for example, while other trips were just short jaunts for the weekend with friends.

We did take some time to travel with the sole purpose of doing some charity work. That was very rewarding and eye-opening. It was also sad, but we hope that we can do it again.

We’ve just got a new pup and we have to get him used to traveling with us. Not sure yet, about flying? We know there are plenty of places nowadays that are pet-friendly and we will take advantage of that feature. Plus, he loves to be outdoors, so we think he’ll fit in just fine.

Well, that’s about it … hope you enjoy what you read … leave a comment after any article on the site, if only to say hi!

Take Care,

Your Hosts,
Scott and Sean

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