Welcome To Our Idea of Vacationing

Welcome To Our Idea of Vacationing

The world is a wonderful place if you have the resources and desire to travel. Even your own city can provide the most exciting venues for having fun, relaxation and adventure. To make traveling that much better, you can choose to fly, go by boat, train or car, take a bus, as well ride in a simple horse-drawn carriage to a pleasant park in the neighborhood. But one thing that is common amongst all these forms of travel is that they are going to get you where you want to be and discover. They can transform your day into something magical.

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My twin brother and I have seen a lot places. When we were children, we traveled with our parents several times a year. Invariably, most places were hot like in the Caribbean or South America. And we loved every minute of it. But as we grew older and started out on our own planned journeys, we wanted more than the “fun in the sun” mantra.

We wanted to camp, backpack, take a day trip on a steamboat, wear lots of warm clothes and hike in the cold wilderness, and almost any other scenario you can conjure up. We wanted to be true roamers and we were sure we could conquer the whole world that was laid out at our feet.

We don’t have anything against all the beautiful and spectacular hot spots we visited when we were kids. We just think there might be more to a vacation than suntanning on the beach and we wanted to expand our repertoire. Even in those tropical environments, we endeavored to do the most fun things like:

  • pack a lunch and visit the rain forest for the day,
  • take a glass bottom boat ride to view the amazing underwater creatures,
  • or stand on a pier at midnight and catch fresh fish for the next day’s meal.

I’ve never seen anything so awesome as the schools of fish running at nighttime in the warm waters. I mean, literally thousands of fish packed tightly together swimming by.

Some of the other things we imagined doing are:

  • Adventure holidays
  • Sporting holidays
  • Running holidays
  • Walking holidays
  • Driving vacations
  • Family friendly vacations
  • River cruises

As you can see, there are no limits to our imaginations. Our motto is “Be Adventurous … No Limits” and this is how we experience life.

We do believe that you have to be adventurous in a safe manner, though. For example, use proper safety tools when zip lining or rock climbing. We are not promoting recklessness when we say adventurous, but at the same time, we do think we should tax ourselves just a little bit.

Holidays can be anything you make them. Whether you are:

  • treating yourself for some kind of achievement like a degree at school or a promotion at work,
  • taking your spouse on a romantic and long deserved getaway,
  • piling up the kids in the car for a history lesson in person,
  • or just a fun picnic day on the trails.
  • going a dog friendly family holiday

Time is not really a problem because adventures can be a couple hours long or weeks. There are no hard fast rules. You dreamed it and we say go for it and just do it. (You could start out with our complete guide to backpacking on this link).

Nowadays, pet friendly holidays are becoming more popular, too. Not because people never had pets before, but because owners are demanding better services since they don’t want to leave their furry buddies in kennels. We just got a new pup and we sure aren’t leaving him behind when we go!

Indeed, there are some fabulous adventures awaiting your arrival …. why not get started reading all about them?

Your hosts,
Scott and Sean


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