Exotic Vacations – Step Off the Beaten Track

Do you dream of tents in the wilderness with wild animals lurking about? Are you wondering what it would be like to traverse the Ancient Tea Route like explorers and merchants did hundreds of years ago? Regardless of where your dreams may take you, these same places are excellent choices for taking your vacation. Often, because they are not mainstream holidays, they can be a lot cheaper. There is also some downside in that transportation will not be readily available…

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10 Tips For Backpacking Your Way Around the World

Are you thinking of taking a gap year from your education? Or maybe you are retiring and want see more of the world on a budget? If you are interested in taking a backpacking vacation there these tips will help you make the most of your travels whilst avoiding some of the common pitfalls of this exotic type of travelling. The Lonely Planet is your friend. Always look out for bargains. Give Wwoofing a go! Get Good Insurance. Remember to…

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