10 Tips For Backpacking Your Way Around the World

Are you thinking of taking a gap year from your education? Or maybe you are retiring and want see more of the world on a budget? If you are interested in taking a backpacking vacation there these tips will help you make the most of your travels whilst avoiding some of the common pitfalls of this exotic type of travelling. The Lonely Planet is your friend. Always look out for bargains. Give Wwoofing a go! Get Good Insurance. Remember to…

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Adventure Vacations – Are You Brave Enough?

Adventure vacations are without a doubt excruciatingly thrilling! But we must admit, at the same time, they might be scary and some people are just a little apprehensive. We are not kidding when we ask if you are brave enough, but don’t be too worried because we are sure you will be okay with the adventures we highlight below. Just go back to the time when you first rode a roller coaster. You were scared and excited at the same…

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