Six Spectacular Ideas for Getting Married Abroad

Six Spectacular Ideas for Getting Married Abroad

Lots of people are trying to come up with different venues for their weddings. Often, they can’t wait until a banquet hall is available in their city, since many times the waiting list is years long. Others are interested in their heritage and would like to take vows in a country where their parents or grandparents grew up. And then again, some couples simply want to travel and experience another adventure.

Regardless of why couples choose countries other than their own to tie the knot, we’re offering up six spectacular ideas for getting married abroad.

Wedding Idea #1 – Choose A Castle
Believe it or not, there are many castles in Europe from which to choose and they do allow couples to hold their weddings. Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic all readily come to mind. A perfect venue for that special princess and prince with an ambiance of magic! It certainly would be a story to tell for generations. But what’s even more interesting about choosing a castle with gold trimmings and elegant furnishings, is learning about the history in terms of the age of the structure and what it was initially built for.

Wedding Idea #2 – Fire Performers
We have only ever seen performances in the Caribbean as part of the resorts’ nightly shows. But we understand that fire performances are hugely popular in Europe for weddings and other special occasions. If you and your guests come from the US or Canada, this is going to be an amazing treat booking one of these troupes. It is awesome what they can do with sticks aflame, dancing and singing all the while. To be honest, this is a specialized art, which we brothers envy, being able to balance and twirl a burning baton, as well as juggling and spinning something so potentially dangerous.

Wedding Idea #3 – Reenact Wedding of Yore
Many countries offer traditional weddings with elaborate clothing and preparations of food. How special would that be to dress up in the old costumes from long ago eras? The Scandinavia cultures are rich in pageantry and will certainly provide a wedding to remember. Having the village ladies bake a Kransekake, Croquembouche, Krokan or Thousand Crepe, all tower cakes, to be placed lovingly and with pride on the head table is an event in itself.

Wedding Idea #4 – All Inclusive Vacation
There are plenty of vacations that double as weddings. One thing about doing things this way is that it is sometimes more manageable moneywise for couples and guests alike. Knowing upfront how much everything will cost and being able to pay in advance, then not have to worry about money at the destination is a huge relief for many people. The money is always the drawback for guests because they are unsure of what they are getting into when they travel. But, an all inclusive vacation abroad, such as in Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, or Bulgaria, is perfect. Plus, everyone can pick and choose their own outings according to what they like to do. Rent a kayak, visit the spa, hike the mountain trails, or sit by the beach.

Wedding Idea #5 – Hire A Band
There are entertainment companies that have wedding bands in their portfolios catering to different kinds of music. For example, you could order a rock band, a jazz quartet, rat pack singers, or bands that play only music from a particular singer, like Elvis or Bob Marley. Imagine having an actual band play for your wedding instead of records or CDs.

Wedding Idea #6 – Costumed Performers
This type of entertainment seems to be found more in the UK than other places. I have seen some of them on the internet and they really add something lovely to a wedding reception and to the pictures. Basically, individuals dress up according to the theme of your wedding and walk around mingling with guests and put on small shows or displays. The personal aspect of having these characters will be quite charming for any couple’s special day.

Here’s a sample wedding at Rowallan Castle in Scotland.

3 thoughts on “Six Spectacular Ideas for Getting Married Abroad

  1. My best mate had fire eaters at their wedding reception, it was AMAZING, I would love to have them at mine one day x

    1. He Shazy, if you think thats cool, do your best to visit the beaches of Thailand, they have fire shows ALL the time, they are so cool x

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