On this page, we are going to list all the companies we mentioned in the website. We know that sometimes, readers like to get more information, and we figured the easiest way to do that was by listing all the links here. Our articles wouldn’t look very nice with so many links all over them.


We should mention, also, that we have NOT received any compensation for these links. We chose the companies in the posts based solely on perceived merit, interest and our own reading. No-one has asked us to mention these companies.

This list is simply for your ease-of-use and general information. We are not liable for any information that you may or may not receive from these companies.

The list is alphabetical and in no order of preference.

Adventure Canada
Africa Joy Tours
Amazon Wildlife Peru
Aspiring Adventures
Big Five Tours and Expeditions
Blue Train
Caiman Ecological Refuge
Classic Journeys
Dragoman Overland Travel
Evergreen Escapes International
Kensington Tours
Mutiara Taman Negara
Nyungwe Forest Lodge
Rail Europe
Song Saa Private Island
Sonora Resort
Zicasso Handcrafted Travel

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